Common Pain Treated by Physical Therapy

Many individuals think physical therapy is only used to help people recuperate from serious injuries. There are also a number of common conditions that could be effectively managed using this kind of therapy. Here are a few examples of when to contact a therapist and schedule a few sessions.


Arthritis is a type of connective tissue problem where inflammation interferes with the variety of motion. Joints become stiff and painful to move. Physical therapy may be utilized in conjunction with medication to help ease the stiffness and enable the patient to enjoy a wider range of motion without pain.

Lower Back Pain

People are not made for staying seated all day. Since so many jobs demand spending most of the working hours at a desk, it's no wonder that lower back pain is so typical. Fortunately, physical therapy that includes approaches like massage and hydrotherapy can aid eliminate the stress on the back. With the right approach, it's possible to bring the vertebrae back into a proper alignment, decompress the lower spine, and eliminate the pain.

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Neck Pain

All that sitting at a desk and working on a computer can easily create problems for the neck and the shoulders. The tendency to slump while working at a computer can leave you feeling stiff and trigger pain when you attempt to turn your head. Physical therapy can relieve the tension on your neck muscles and also ensure that the neck is restored into a proper alignment. In many cases, the best therapy will ensure that you don't need to take pain medication whatsoever.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are not merely for experts. You could pull a tendon, turn an ankle, or dislocate a shoulder while playing a friendly game at the park on a Saturday afternoon. The best type of therapy will help decrease the inflamationing and ease the tension on any muscles or tissue that is strained. Along with getting rid of the swelling and helping the injury to heal, the therapy will also reduce stiffness and make it easier for you to move more freely.

benefits of physical therapy


Generally there are small sacs of fluid found in between different muscles, tendons, and bones. These are referred to as bursas and function like cushions between these body parts. When the bursas are in good shape, these experts offer the protection needed to avoid strain or damage to the bones and various other parts of the body. In the event that the bursas are inflamed or harmed in any way, you will experience pain and may be on your way to some severe damage. Physical therapy helps to calm the inflammation and provide a chance for the immune system to restore the bursas. There are really a number of other typical conditions that can be treated with the use of physical therapy. Regardless if used as a stand alone therapy or in combination with medication and other non-invasive procedures, the right type of therapy eases discomfort, avoids complications, and ultimately enables you to heal significantly faster than usual.

Why Hire the Best Physical Therapist In Irvine

Physical Therapy Facts

We provides every patient with one-on-one, hands-on treatment with a physical therapist. Throughout your entire physical therapy treatment, you will receive attentive care from an expert physical therapist and have private physical therapy sessions. We are here to help you understand about what is causing your pain, what you can do to relieve the pain and ways to prevent injuries from coming back.

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Benefits Of Physical Therapy

Most people look for treatment as soon as they have actually reached a level of pain that disrupts their everyday activities. Physical therapy can provide you with pain relief through the use of hands on therapy of soft tissue mobilization and shared mobilization, modalities including electrical stimulation and cryotherapy, education for positional and/or postural relief.

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How Much Does It Cost To See A Physical Therapist?

Physical therapy typically is paid for by health insurance when medically necessary. For clients not covered by health insurance, physical therapy generally costs $50-$350 or more per session, depending on the length of the treatment, the service provided throughout the session and the provider.

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